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Because Gobanna has a very low weight, almost any vehicle can tow it.
It is very popular with owners of small cars, old-timers, tricycles, motorcycles with sidecar and quads.
Gobanna distinguishes itself from other caravans by its small size and low weight (255 kg for the Basic model and 295 kg for the Brake model.)
You will hardly notice that you are travelling with a caravan.
However, there is enough comfort for a successful holiday.
Among other features, the Gobanna Brake is equipped with a 40-liter cool box and a kitchen with counter top and a detached two-burner gas cooker.
At additional cost, a two-burner gas cooker with a sink and electric faucet can be built in.
Another option available is a 12 Volt system, thus the use of inner and outer lights, radio, TV etc. is possible everywhere.
At additional cost, the caravan can be supplied with an awning that enlarges your living space with approx. 9 square meters, and that was developed specifically for Gobanna by Karsten tents.
Karsten guarantees top quality.
Storing your Gobanna usually presents no problem; it fits easily in a garage box or under the carport.
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