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For maintenance, repairs and damage repair Gobanna is the place to go.

Since we built it, no one knows all the details of the construction better then we do, and we have all parts in stock.
If on holiday, you suffer damage, or you detect a defect, it is advisable to contact Gobanna as soon as possible to arrange for repair.
If you postpone this until your Gobanna comes out of winter storage, you run the risk that we are unable to plan your repair before your next trip.
Often, caravans spend a long time in winter storage, and stagnation means decline.
Tires dry out, which causes rubber cracking.
If you do not check that, you run a higher risk of bursting a tire with unpleasant consequences to follow.
There are more points that need a check-up; for example, the gas tubing in caravans and campers.
If tubes dry out, they may crack, with explosion hazard as a result.
We advice you to have your Gobanna thoroughly prepared before you take it on holiday; your own safety, and that of others depends on it.
Therefore, we encourage you to let us check your Gobanna at least once every two years.

Contact us for any questions or for an appointment.

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