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Gobanna is a young company that in 2004 started building motor caravans, according to the specifications of the customer.
We have done this all those years to the satisfaction of our clients.
In 2007, we became interested in the so-called Teardrop concept.
Considering the developments on environmental issues, and the resulting development of car models to smaller and electric models, the time seemed right for the introduction of the so-called mini caravans in the Dutch market place.
Starting in 2007, these caravans were built for us in Turkey.
Soon, interest was growing, and we had to focus increasingly on the production of the Gobanna 1200.
This took so much of our time in 2008, that the building of motor caravans turned more and more into a secondary business.
The demand for various options grew. In answer to this, we started building the Brake model in 2009 in the Netherlands.
This model is available with various options.
Around 2015 we hope to expand our assortment according to our well-known teardrop concept with a 1500B version.