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Why buying a Gobanna? 
Because a Gobanna has a very low weight, almost any vehicle can tow it. 
It is very popular with owners of small cars, old-timers, tricycles, motorcycles with sidecar and quads. 
Gobanna distinguishes itself from other caravans by its small size and low weight (255 kg for the Basic model and 295 kg for the Brake model.)
You will hardly notice that you are travelling with a caravan. 
However, there is enough comfort for a successful holiday.
Many Asseccoires and options are  available                  
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Orders before Sept 11th in de webshop worden will be send from Sept 12th
Dealers wanted
Gobanna is looking for experienced dealers in several countries. Please  contact  us for more information.
See how Gobanna users experience their Gobannas.Stay informed on the latest novelties, and be the first one to know when another used Gobanna is available.

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                    The new Gobanna 1200  €4950,-


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